Thursday, October 20, 2005


Italo-Mexican Lunch: Toasted Burritello

Today for lunch I took one whole wheat burrito tortilla, warmed it in the oven on a cookie sheet @ 175 degrees; while in the same oven I melted a slice of mozzarella with extra virgin olive oil in a small round pan. From our basil plant, I grabbed a few leaves. Then, came back to my computer, to read Ars Politica and Morgan Spurlock's blog. About ten or so minutes later, the mozzarella had melted into an almost perfect circle of white. I took out it from the oven with the lightly toasted tortilla that had been in the oven shelf underneath it. The cheese glided easily onto the tortilla, with a bit of olive oil glistening with it. I sprinkled oregano and placed my basil leaves on the cheese, creating a beautiful green-on-white sight. Then, I folded the bottom of the tortilla up, the sides in and the top down. Presto, an Italo-Mexican "burritello" lunch that was one of the best I've prepared lately.

blogged by: Frances M. Pabon

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