Monday, October 03, 2005


A Virtual Phone Call to You

My husband's tenacious 74 year-old aunt came to relieve me a little after seven p.m. this evening. I had spent the whole day @ the hospital, keeping my oxygen-mask clad husband company, getting him water, summoning the nurse-in-attendance when his fever increased. I came home wanting to talk to someone, one of my friends. Then, I realized many of my friends are out-of-touch; my closest one has a family medical emergency of her own. Others I'd never call @ this time, with such sad news, it is not the relationship we have. I left a voice mail for one, and came to my computer to write this. My husband is sick, both his genetic heritage and his lousy habits are working against him, I struggle to find something that is working for him, which probably is the love his family showers on him. If we spoke, you'd probably wish him a speedy recovery, for which I'm thankful, very thankful. Talk to you later!

blogged by: Frances M. Pabon

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