Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Sad Day for Healthy Eating: Mott's "Original" Apple Sauce Has High Fructose Corn Syrup

I trusted Mott's, as a matter of fact, I've recommended Mott's as one of the few food mega-companies who doesn't seem to add the nutritional nightmare High Fructose Corn Syrup to its products. This evening, my smiling husband held up a small jar of Mott's "Original" Apple Sauce, I accepted his choice calmly, without questioning it, because of my trust in Mott's. Oh, but when I tasted that ultra-sweet, unnaturally sweet sauce, I asked my husband, "does it have high fructose corn syrup?". He had his glasses on and could easily read the eeny-print ingredients; his face fell. "It does. Oh my God, I didn't check before, forgive me".

Make an emphatic note that Mott's originally introduced apple sauce in 1930, so naming a product that contains HFCS as "original" is a gross misnomer since HFCS was first manufactured in the 1970s. I'm writing Mott's the strongest language letter I can muster, I am functionally allergic to HFCS, I now can feel the headache, the acceleration in my nervous system that accompany any unwitting consumption of food sweetened with HFCS.

As I reported on my Yahoo! 360 blog, just last Saturday, my husband drank two strawberry frappés which had HFCS and made him sick. To prove how bad HFCS-sweetened food is, I leave food tainted with HFCS out to see if any of the ants that normally attack any food I leave out, will come near it. Last time I carried out my experiment, not a single ant attacked. So, I concluded, if HFCS is not good for the ants, why would it be good for your family and you?

blogged by: Frances M. Pabon

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