Friday, April 06, 2012


April 6th Good Friday Dream

... at the origins of P-A-B in a P located on the first floor of ASJ!  How many Ps have we found?  How distant is the origin from the beginning? The Bo P is in the first Bo (is someone misusing some of his power?) school area where the school day was cancelled due to a supernatural occurrence.  The students were discouraged from protesting the police who recommended the school be closed.  It is a school where it was thought a young lady had asked the police for her books which had been left behind.  That entire school location not just the P is important for Tut and Pock.

Remember the Safari Olympus is named PAX and their fist WAWA.

The dream is the first I recall that had as main character Pee Wee Herman!  Losing all foolishness, he was fighting intelligently for his couple.

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