Thursday, August 14, 2014


Emergency Time Travel to Save Lives

The Life of Zero is not the same as the Life of One.  So, the Life of Nuni is different from the Life of Frances.

So, there are many different lives in one planet, usually a life per person; there are 9 lives for cats, and there is a real threat to the life of all dogs.

I am going to ask JUPITER, every JUPITER we know of, to study the life of each person on Leopold 1 and to identify the point in time to which he will need to travel to protect any given person's life.

I am going to ask POCK to study the life of dogs with the hope of protecting all dogs against death.

I am going to ask Damian Buczek to study the 9 lives of cats with the hope of protecting each life.

I am going to ask Dominic Keating to study the lives of the people in Dog and Cat World.  Dominic Keating will know which lives need to be saved with a trip back in time.  Dominic Keating will use safe MERCURIAL closed channel time travel, as will Jupiter, Pock and Damian Buczek use.

Emergency time travel to save lives is something everyone working in our group is to become familiar with; those who do not like to travel in time will find other ways to save lives in Rhyme, in PRIME, in DIME, in LIME.

Thank you!  P.S.  we are going to need religious leaders to become well versed with running life-saving miracles -- and to run the miracle turnaround -- daily during these times of widespread death.

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