Sunday, July 26, 2015


The Limits of Pittsburgh Clairvoyance:: AIBONITO is not seen!

In Pittsburgh Clairvoyance, Aibonito is not seen, neither are mechanical malfunctions in Ponce!

Ponce transporter room will need to be re-thought and re-engineered.

Our Aibonito sequestration wall will need to be re-thought and maybe re-engineered.

Once the year 33,000+ reached us, we need to re-evaluate all our systems, some go back to 1915 others can be upgraded.

I'm still in shock, so rely on news about today's accident, the what, when, where, how and the editorial WHY we needed to go through what we are going through today.

We will move today to a learning by trial and error, by testing the unknown and having brave rescuers, brave explorers, and young victims lose their lives temporarily to a mechanical/geographic accident.

We will move today's accident to a place where we can protect the young ones who lost their lives temporarily.

I hope everyone is well, in the AIBONITO sequestered location, open a Pittsburgh-named and spirtied-Street that everyone visit so they can be seen by me.

Love to all.

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