Sunday, April 17, 2005


Apple Cranberry Mix, Yerba Mate and Egyptian Licorice

Since my Diet Pepsi poisoning, I've been extra careful w. what I drink. Here's a rundown of drinks I have @ home now:

1. The big (128 fl. oz) jug of Tree of Life East Coast apple juice went on sale @ the local health food store, so lately my drink of choice, second to water, has been the apple juice mixed in w. a squirt of Lakewood Pure Cranberry Juice (pricey but worth it since you can use it in only small amounts mixed in w. other juices). Yum! These two go well together, my kidneys seem to say "thank you, thank you!".

2. Yerba Mate tea. This one kept me up 'til the early morning hours even though I'd had it in the morning, far exceeding its "improve mental alertness" claim -- Whole Health MD lists its caffeine content as "astonishingly high... with as much as 500-750 mg of caffeine in one drink".

3. Waiting its review is Egyptian Licorice tea, which I ordered from the Natural Store @ and haven't had a chance to sample yet.

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