Thursday, April 07, 2005


New definition of disease affects you?

Katie Hobson writes:

I'm working on a story (for US News & World Report) about the expanded
definition of disease, and I'd looking for people who are otherwise
healthy, but because of relatively recent changes in definition now
fall under the definition of "prehypertension" (120-139 systolic/80-90
diastolic) or whose cholesterol is higher than 200 but have no other
risks/signs of heart disease. I'm also interested in chatting with
anyone who's been told she has osteopenia. It's not necessary that
you're being treated for the condition; I'm interested in how the label
as such affects you.

If anyone fits the bill, or knows anyone who does, and is willing to
chat with me on the phone for a few minutes, please email me directly

Thank you!

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