Tuesday, April 12, 2005



Remember when I promised you good links to read about aspartame and phenylalanine? Delivering on that promise has taken me longer than I thought b/c I had to find a grip for my story, rather than immediately taking the extreme, poorly thought thru position that aspartame and phenylalanine need to be taken off the market immediately!

What I discovered is disturbing, a wealth of resources concentrated on an "official" aspartame site vs. a disjointed, hysterical-sounding bunch of anti-aspartame sites. Sadly, the official aspartame site squashes dialogue, and does not even entertain the possibility that aspartame may make some people sick -- including me, an otherwise healthy, almost vegetarian woman who is @ her normal weight.

If those folks (known as the "Calorie Control Council") who can handsomely afford a well-funded aspartame website entertained dialogue online, at least we could see all points of view fairly represented. I envision good and bad experiences appearing side by side, where @ least other factors as habitual diet, current goals for using aspartame, etc. could be compared.

Are we witnessing a tobacco industry meme in the making? Is the Calorie Control Council going to continuously squash dialogue until those injured by aspartame get through w. their message, that aspartame can harm healthy people and that those who normally drink it may gradually become immune to its ill-effects?

My new promise to you now: to research phenylalanine more to write about it.

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