Saturday, April 02, 2005


Blogging from the ER

Using my Dell Notebook to blog from the ER is what I thought I'd have to do when I woke up this morning! We'd probably wind up w. hospital stories along w. the unfolding of my Diet Pepsi-induced sickness. Instead, here are a few thoughts since last night:

1. Maybe I'm too good-natured, but I'd like to write Pepsi Co. itself a letter about my experience and ask them to explain what could have happened to me.

2. Maybe my husband is de-sensitized to Diet Pepsi, but maybe he's slowly getting sick too. He's @ work now, but when he has free time, I'll ask him about that.

3. Maybe the U.S. should just decide to happily divest itself of ultra-processed drinks like Diet Pepsi and just deal w. the economic fallout.

4. What about organic, pricey Diet Pepsi, sweetened w. Stevia? I can picture my mother happily handing me one of those!

5. Did you know that Heinz has organic ketchup? I bought some for my four year-old niece that has been known to have four little ketchup packets @ one meal! The regular Heinz now has High Fructose Corn Syrup which is a nutritional nightmare, it comes from a sweet molecule that has been broken down *three* times! I tried the organic Heinz, not bad. It occurred to me that in a Warhol meme, I'd use the Heinz Organic label for a work of art!

I need to get to work now, I'd like to move the lymph-related postings to a Missing Lymph blog area and I'd like to find good links for you to read about phenylalanine and aspartame.

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