Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Avanti del Suo Tempo

That's my Italian phrase for ahead of his time... today, rooting around the National Library of Medicine, I came across a solid ally for Missing Lymph, Guido Calderoli, an Italian scientist who in 1956 publicly proclaimed tonsillectomized children were sadder than their tonsils-intact counterparts and in 1970 authored a study that demonstrated tonsillectomized children had higher rates of antisocial disorder. Now, sadness and antisocial disorder are non-immunological, right? So, in essence, Dr. Calderoli supports Missing Lymph's theory that lymph within tonsils adds power to the nervous system, that lymph is "second to blood" in ways unknown to medicine now, and that w/o tonsils, lymphatic flow disruption may lead to a very unhappy brain. The search for Dr. Calderoli's students and supporters is on.

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