Monday, August 22, 2005


1. A Policeman Jaywalking

2. A policewoman in a knee-length, flare uniform skirt, guiding traffic @ a busy intersection.

3. A young boy, about two years old, taking toy cars out of the front pocket of his overalls.

4. A good-looking, clean shaven young man, dressed impeccably, carrying a baby holder while walking in long, elegant strides.

5. A surgeon whose Spanish looks have earned him the "Matador" moniker by a friend.

6. The Puerto Rican flag, waving between the flags of Spain and the United States.

7. A cousin whose oldest child is already in Law School, time flies!

8. A round-the-clock closed circuit TV channel focusing on the altar of the hospital chapel, most of the time empty.

9. A Mitsubishi larger-than-possibly-necessary SUV, named "Endeavor", resembling the eponymous space shuttle.

10. My brother's girlfriend bringing a bouquet and looking at my Human Growth Hormone (HGH) spray with wonder and then trying it with a bit of fear.

.... all here in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the last few days, immortalized here for you, my readers, and for me.

blogged by: Frances M. Pabon

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