Monday, August 29, 2005


For You & My Fifty-Four Friends

My Yahoo! 360 network has grown to include fifty-four friends, many of whom I've become real friends with, I mentioned the first few here a couple of months ago.

Sometimes I dream of gathering everyone together, inviting first my Blogfather Xian Crumlish and then all the people I've met in Blogger and Yahoo! 360. We'd meet in a very nice pizza parlor, in an amusement park or elsewhere. Friends could bring their families if they could. I'd organize the whole event, requesting sponsorships and donations to cover costs.

Well, today, I'd like all of you to know about some of my recent work in Y! 360:

1. My latest "blast" (a brief snippet of info. that appears as either a thought, question, quote, scream or anything on my home page) has a snippet of Beck's Missing from his latest CD, Guero. The snippet is:
" • I prayed heaven today • Would bring its hammer down on me • And pound you out of my head • I can't think with you in it • "

2. "Take Your DNA, and Call Me in the Morning"

3. It's time to have a "Latinologue"

4. "Time in a Bottle" quote by Meg Fowler, author of Blogcabin

5. Corny "Time Flies"

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