Saturday, September 03, 2005


Mamita's Black Beans

My mom mentioned, last night @ dinner before my brother arrived, that my grandmother used to make delicious black beans. The key was to add a lot of onion. Well, today I tried doing just that, for a spectacular result. I diced one and half medium yellow onions. Sauteed the diced onion with a couple cloves of garlic @ medium heat in extra virgin olive oil until translucent, about six minutes. Then, in went the black beans, from a can, non-organic (too bad) Goya low-sodium. After stirring the beans into the onion/garlic combination, I sprinkled generous cumin over the entire top surface of the dish; then covered it. In fifteen minutes, after one more stir midway, the beans were ready. My husband ate his lunch happily, the black beans with organic brown rice first, his boiled-to-perfection piece of pumpkin next and, for him only, a seasoned breast of chicken (I don't eat meat, except maybe picadillo).

blogged by: Frances M. Pabon

blogged by: Frances M. Pabon

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