Sunday, April 15, 2012


Protecting Old Glory As She Protects Us

     Wneed good people on the protection for Old Glory project while we are live and the East is all-powerful.  Those who thought they could use any fire negatively near her, will be surprised with top East remove-access-to-fire response.  

     Some people misunderstand liberty, I hope the people who plotted against Old Glory were not the ones who had received our kindness earlier.  If so, we must erase evidence of their wrongdoing.

Note:  It may be time for us to have an Old Glory rally, packed with good music [maybe Johnny Lennon will have sesame music ideas and recommend someone to do the Star Spangled Banner while he does any other song(s) of his choosing].  Lennon has to put his right fist in the air for awhile, just like I just did, to gain strength for the fights ahead of us. Lennon is in charge of putting the rally together and bringing in the Union Jack forces he chooses.  I'm thinking a field in New York, Woodstock, as the locale, but Lennon and his handpicked team decide.  Thank you!


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