Saturday, September 06, 2014


LEOPOLD1brd -- FREEDOM'S WATCH -- 6th of September 2014 somewhere

One LEOPOLD1brd closer to September 21st, today is a Saturday.  there will be two more Saturdays for code writing, September 13th and September 20th, somewhere

If anyone was wondering if we were in an emergency, code writing *on a Saturday* ought to prove we are in an emergency from this standpoint!  Code writing customs vary from planet to planet.

I played SCRABBLE on the Apple iPad today, I got to play words like RATION, RABBIT, FLAX, ZOO in different games until my tiles were no longer playable.

We must look for ways for resetting the BRD after it has been used extensively!

Queen Letizia will want to know that in FREEDOM'S WATCH her likeness is AMERICAN!

See you tomorrow, for another LEOPOLD1brd! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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