Saturday, March 26, 2005


Changing "the course of scientific research"

Are my efforts triggering that dream-come-true headline? No, or better, not yet... Business Week reports how an enterprising, visionary MS patient:
  1. brought together five renowned MS researchers. from Case Western Reserve, McGill University, Northwestern, Stanford and the University of Chicago, to speed up discovery thru cooperation.
  2. started the Myelin Repair Foundation "MRF"
  3. and, funded each scientist thru MRF
... "to develop palliative myelin repair treatments" 'til a cure for MS is found. This one ranks as one of the best stories I've read since I started blogging for Missing Lymph.

In an aside: did I ever mention to you that if I ever started my own community newspaper here it'd be called "Optimista"? It'd be packed w. stories like this one.

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