Thursday, March 03, 2005


Today's muse: Nathan Myhrvold's "Magic of Invention"

Today, the muse is Nathan Myhrvold with his "Magic of Invention" speech when he received the Madison Medal, Princeton's highest honor to a graduate alumnus. Myhrvold asked everyone to nurture inventions and noted that much of society is focused on steps that come after invention but not on nurturing the initial spark itself. I propose we plant the seeds for future inventions, here's one of mine: I think the first invention-in-waiting is the "tonsil implant" for people who were unnecessarily tonsillectomized as children. As you know, I believe that the lymph tonsils contain is "second to blood" in ways unknown currently to medicine. I'd venture that lymph adds power to the nervous system, from head to toe. Without lymph, bodies become weaker, prone to premature aging, with diminished senses and limited mobility. Without tonsils, lymphatic flow is disrupted, and in extreme cases, stopped. An implant to restore optimal lymphatic flow overnight without the months-long wait for tonsils to regrow, would be one of our society's great inventions. It'd be ideal for folks of advanced age tonsilllectomized as children who may not be able to regrow their tonsils!

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