Monday, May 16, 2005


Back from "La Isla"

In San Juan, capital of Puerto Rico, where I live, any point further than then next town is referred to as "La Isla". Today, my husband had yet another legal fight to lead in Mayagüez, a town known as "La Sultana del Oeste" o la "Ciudad del Mangó" which is quite remote within "La Isla" territory.

My mother-in-law, instrumental in sealing the deal that scored my husband his client in Mayagüez, lives atop a hill overlooking the Mayagüez Bay; her breathtaking-view house is where my husband is always welcome to crash and bring me along. So, after inhaling the purest of air there, the Diva Latina blog has been set up in Blogger, now it needs informative, inspiring, and inciting content! Good news: my friend, the original diva latina/lawyer, is visiting Puerto Rico with her husband, children and mother this summer, we'll have a chance to meet and brainstorm.

I need to switch skin and don my diva-thinking cap. Sugerencias welcome!

P.S. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go on the new ferry to the Dominican Republic but my husband has been on it taking pictures for a different case of his.

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