Tuesday, May 17, 2005


La Diva Latina Responds to Eponymous Blog Birth

My friend, the original Diva Latina, knows exactly the type of stories that interest me, that's so evident in her response to the birth of the Diva Latina blog:

Thanks! So let me tell you - you are going to be so *proud* of me! I signed up the kids for a class at the Botanical Gardens and tomorrow is the second day. We are going to learn how to make our own compost! YEAH! I am so clueless. For "homework" the kids had to collect the parts of the fruit about to be thrown out to bring to class. Another assignment was to plant some lima beans. Also, they had to watch their grass (which they planted in class) grow . The grass seeds were planted in a cup decorated as a face so when the grass grows too high the kids can give it a "hair cut" So J. gave his a haircut today- he couldn't wait!
All that and tomorrow is just the "second day," I am very proud!

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