Thursday, July 14, 2005


"Urban Outfitter's Outrage"

Here's an important message from a fellow member of Brown-Ivy (Latino alumni of all Ivy League schools: Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth, the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia):

If you are offended by the t-shirt: “New Mexico, Cleaner Than Regular Mexico,” currently sold in Urban Outfitters stores nationwide, you can take action right this very minute.

You can:

1) Sign the Urban Outfitters Outrage petition at

2) Boycott Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie stores (yup, they own

3) Sell all of their stock (NASDAQ: URBN) if you own it and invest
your money in a company with some ethics

4) Call their Corporate Headquarters in Philadelphia at 215-564-2313 to
demand the removal of the t-shirt from their stores and web site, as well as a
real apology

5) Write to their President and Chairman of the Board, Richard Hayne and give him a piece of your mind

6) Call any reporters or media you know and tell them how enraged
and sickened you are. Negative publicity will hurt sales and their company
share price, and you know those fat boys are hurt most by an empty

7) Spread the word!!!!You can see this blood-boiling t-shirt at, men’s apparel, short sleeved tees, fifth page.

This is not about political correctness or censorship. This is about basic
respect and tolerance. If they want to blatantly disrespect the Hispanic
community and our $700 billion in purchasing power, they can do so at their own
risk. By the way, they’ve pulled stunts like this before with the Asian
and Jewish communities. They think tasteless is funny. They’ll do it again if we
let this slide, so let’s go out there and make them live to regret this

Thanks for your help, everyone.

Me, I've taken steps #1 (signed the petition) and #7: spreading the word. #2, the boycott, I'm starting now!

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