Tuesday, March 08, 2005


"Kid Colada" : Pineapple Juice w. Real, Whole Milk

Let's shift gears a bit to go back to one of my favorite good blog activities: recording my "inventions" in the kitchen. I just finished one of my favorite drinks, what I christened a "Kid Colada" -- an equal parts combination of Pineapple Juice (unsweetened, I prefer the Lotus brand) and real, whole milk (to promote maximum calcium absorption!). Try it one day and share it with your family and friends! Distinguish it from a "Virgin Colada" in which the pineapple juice is mixed with Coconut Cream, ice is added and all ingredients are blended. The grandaddy, Piña Colada, has rum, which I dislike b/c it's too sweet (many of you may know I don't like any sugar - I prefer honey or the non-caloric Stevia).

For dinner, I fixed Valencia(medium grain, white) rice with extra virgin olive oil, cumin, almonds and garlic -- the almonds and garlic (micro-processed together for a few minutes) worked very well together, but I should have left the cumin out -- the rice was cooked separately and then mixed in the little pan where I was toasting the almond and garlic combination. Rating: Great w/o cumin

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